So let it be.


Hi! I'm Lindsey. I'm 25 and live OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, KANSAS. However, we just moved from the Twin Cities this past November. In other words, I am still adjusting - to not being 20 minutes from MoA; to not having lovely TJs, food coops, raw milk and great grassfed meat options; to taxes on food and clothing; to having trash pickup ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS; to being 45 minutes away from the nearest Barnes & Noble; I suppose I could keep going, but I'll spare ya. For now.

I'm expecting our second kiddo sometime mid-October. We are officially excited, though I still get cold feet about HELLO! TWO KIDS! HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?!?! Ha-ha, begins the fun! Regardless. I'm happy to be preggers again, which leads me down the multicolored primrose path of

Intuitive Eating! Following my cravings wherever they take me (and these days, they take me all over the world, through all the seasons, regardless of time of day or night)! For example, lately I've been wanting pumpkin - pumpkin anything! Muffins, scones, waffles, cookies, oatmeal... you name it. Of course I *should* be into asparagus and looking forward to fresh SPRING veggies, but hey! I'll take pumpkin while I want it (certainly didn't feel like it at Thanksgiving. Life's ironies, eh?)

This blog basically chronicles my ways of adapting to this country life, with lots of foodie-related stuff, pictures, and by-lines on my ever-changing interests... :-)


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